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The Corporate Executive: Jul-Aug 2022

  • SEC Adopts Pay Versus Performance Disclosure Requirements
  • To the Moon and Back: A Reflection on "Moonshot" Awards
  • Delaware Developments: A Focus on Exculpation and Equity Grants
  • Pay Versus Performance: Now is the Time to Prepare! [Link]

The Corporate Counsel: Jul-Aug 2022

  • SEC Rescinds Portions of 2020 Proxy Rule Amendments and Proposes Changes to Rule 14a-8
  • Forward-Looking Statements: Lessons from Recent Case Law
  • Auditor Independence: On the Front Burner at the SEC
  • Are You Ready for an 'Avalanche' of SEC Rulemaking? [Link]

The Corporate Executive: May-June 2022

  • Option Repricing: Are You That Desperate?
  • Hedging and Pledging Revisited in Volatile Markets
  • Rule 10b5-1 Plans in Turbulent Times
  • Are You Ready for an 'Avalanche' of SEC Rulemaking? [Link]

The Corporate Counsel: May-June 2022

  • Considering the Disclosure Implications of the War in Ukraine
  • The Trouble with Hyperlinks
  • Mandatory Electronic Filing of Form 144 is Here
  • EGC Status and Transitions: 10 Frequently Unanswered Questions
  • Important Climate Disclosure Actions [Link]
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