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The Corporate Counsel: July-August 2017

  • CEO Pay Ratio is a Go - With New SEC and Staff Guidance
    • Flexibility is Key
    • Reasonable Estimates, Assumptions, Methodologies and Statistical Sampling
    • Use of Internal Records
    • What's Next?
  • Recent Developments
    • Hyperlinking is Here: Last Minute Guide
    • Staff Expands the Confidential Review Process - Will It Help?
    • 2017 In-House Governance Professional Compensation Survey
  • Mega "Pay Ratio Conferences" - Two Weeks Away
  • Course Materials: "How to" Pay Ratio Manual (with 156 Practice Nuggets)
  • Section 16 Beginners: Three New Resources

The Corporate Executive: July-August 2017

  • Compensation Risk Assessments After the Wells Fargo Scandal
  • CEO Pay Ratio: What are Companies Doing?
  • Understanding the Implications of Paying (and Not Paying) Dividends on Restricted Stock and Unit Awards
  • "How to" Pay Ratio Manual
  • Pay Ratio: New Monthly Webcast Series
  • Section 16 Beginners: Three New Resources

The Corporate Counsel: May-June 2017

  • Episode 1: Meeting with Institutional Investors
  • Episode 2: Activist Directors
  • Episode 3: Board Turnover
  • Episode 4: Cybersecurity Risk
  • Pay Ratio: Our New Monthly Webcast Series (& Our "Annotated Model Disclosures")
  • Section 16 Beginners: Three New Resources
  • Coming Soon - 2018 Edition of Romanek's "In-House Essentials Treatise"

The Corporate Executive: May-June 2017

  • More Ways to Count Performance Awards
  • Should You Intentionally Make Your Executive Severance Plan Subject to ERISA?
  • Could Your Incentive Plan be Subject to ERISA?
  • How a Lower Corporate Tax Rate Plays Outs When Accounting for Stock Compensation
  • FASB Issues Accounting Standards Update on Modification Accounting
  • The Aftermath of ASU 2016-09; How Companies are Responding
  • Our Executive Pay Conferences - 10% Early Bird Discount
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