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The Corporate Executive: July-August 2018

  • ISO Pros and Cons Update—Redux
  • Accounting for Elon Musk's Mega Grant
  • FASB Finalizes ASU on Accounting for Awards Issued to Nonemployees
  • Rule 701 Disclosure Threshold Updated; SEC Seeks Comment on Conceptual Modernization of Rule 701 and Form S-8
  • IRS Guidance on Section 162(m)—What We're Hearing
  • Our Mega "Pay Ratio and Executive Compensation Conferences"
  • 2019 Edition of Romanek and Dunshee's "In-House Essentials Treatise"

The Corporate Counsel: May-June 2018

  • The Fundamentals of a "Fundamental Change"
    • What's the Big Deal About a "Fundamental Change?"
    • When It Comes to Formal Guidance, You're on Your Own (Mostly)
    • "Fundamental Change" Lore: Informal Corp Fin Statements
    • Comment Letters Addressing "Fundamental Changes"
    • Clues from Form 1-U?
    • SEC Enforcement & Litigation
    • Seven "Fundamental Change" Lessons from Experience
  • The Cabinet of Curiosities: Strange Things in the Exchange Act
    • The Rules Don't Always Mean What They Say
    • Section 16: It's Not Just for the Big Guys
    • Insider Trading—The Legal Kind
    • The Williams Act? But It's a Private Company
    • The Case of the Missing (But Not Really Missing) Fourth Quarter 10-Q
  • Register Now to Save. Our "Pay Ratio & Proxy Disclosure Conference"
  • 101 Pro Tips—Career Advice for the Ages
  • It's Done: 2019 Edition of Romanek's & Dunshee's "In-House Essential Treatise"

The Corporate Executive: May-June 2018

  • Court Decisions Breathe New Life into Lawsuits over Directors' Compensation—And What You Need to Do about It
  • Understanding the New Qualified Equity Grant Deferrals
  • Elon Musk's Mega Grant
  • Rule 701 Disclosure Threshold Finally Increased
  • Our Executive Pay Conferences—15% Discount
  • Coming Soon—The "Section 16 Forums"
  • Launched—Our New "In-House Accelerator"

The Corporate Counsel: March-April 2018

  • Rule 144 Compliance Alert: How does your 401(k) Plan Administrator Handle Affiliates' Sales of Issuer Stock?
  • New Developments
    • Was the Spotify Direct Listing a 1933 Act "Distribution?"
    • The SEC's Splash on Cybersecurity: The Latest Guidance—and Enforcement Activity
    • Revisiting Form 8-K Filing Obligations under Item 5.02(e)
  • Register Now to Save. Our "Pay Ratio & Proxy Disclosure Conference"
  • Coming Soon: The "Section 16 Forums"
  • Launched: Our New "In-House Accelerator"
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