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FAQs about Electronic Issues: The Corporate Counsel & The Corporate Executive

Below are FAQs about how an unlimited number of practitioners in your firm can receive electronic copies of The Corporate Counsel and The Corporate Executive as soon as they are "hot off the press" (and to be able to research all the Back Issues of these publications up through the most recent issue):

1. How can we sign up our practitioners to receive immediate copies of The Corporate Counsel and The Corporate Executive through this service?

This can be done by emailing us a list of practitioners (names & their email addresses) who want to receive complimentary copies of The Corporate Counsel and The Corporate Executive. Or we can just send an email when a new issue of the newsletters is out to a single contact in your firm, who then informs the relevant practitioners in your firm that a new issue is posted.

2. If someone new joins our firm - or someone leaves - how can we add/drop who receives copies of The Corporate Counsel and The Corporate Executive?

You can accomplish this by contacting us at info@electronicthecorporatecounsel.com or 512.485.1288 with the changes.

3. For those that already subscribe to The Corporate Counsel and The Corporate Executive, will they continue to receive hard copies in the mail?

This can be confusing. Those that already pay for a hard copy of the newsletter will continue to receive them in the postal mail. Practitioners who are receiving electronic copies through this service will not start receiving print copies too - they will just receive the electronic ones.

4. Our firm has the equivalent of ID/password authentication for TheCorporateCounsel.net - can we use that for this service?

If your firm has access to both this service and TheCorporateCounsel.net, then you will either have IP authentication and no password is needed - or the ID/password will be the same for both.

In other words, those firms that use ID/password authentication for TheCorporateCounsel.net will be able to use that same authentication for this service. When someone in your firm clicks on the "Back Issues" tab at the top of TheCorporateCounsel.net's home page, they can search current & recent issues with this new service. Or they can go directly to ElectronicTheCorporateCounsel.com to access the print newsletters online.

5. What is the difference between TheCorporateCounsel.net and ElectronicTheCorporateCounsel.com?

TheCorporateCounsel.net is a full resource website, with regular webcasts, podcasts and many other resources.

ElectronicTheCorporateCounsel.com is home to providing current (as well as access to all of the Back Issues) of the popular print publications: The Corporate Counsel and The Corporate Executive.

6.When someone receives a copy of The Corporate Counsel or The Corporate Executive, in what format will it be sent?

An e-mail will be sent that will include a link to a PDF posted on ElectronicTheCorporateCounsel.com. The PDF will not be emailed itself - thus, we will not clog up in-boxes with large files.

7. How can we inform our practitioners about the benefits of The Corporate Counsel and The Corporate Executive?

We recommend that you send an e-mail to those within your firm that might be interested in reading The Corporate Counsel and The Corporate Executive to explain the benefits of these popular (and practical) publications. Given that these are the most popular (and longest-running) corporate & securities newsletters around, most practitioners are already aware of their benefits.

However, some junior practitioners might not be aware of them (or practitioners who may not do a lot of corporate & securities work). In addition, paralegals might not have had access to them before - but may benefit from them now.

For more information about this site, contact broc.romanek@ElectronicTheCorporateCounsel.net.
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